The new nonbeliever belief bias

I am continually seeing the “non-believer” “no bias” crowd unable, as is natural, to disengage from their own unseen bias and beliefs. It’s a very tough and tricky mindset to beat.

I’ve sought to change my own language to combat my own conditioned tendencies. I start with no belief in anything, then use different language when talking to myself or others. Something like, it’s likely or probable, as opposed to I believe.

For a no belief example, I don’t believe the Earth is a ball because of any tools man made for testing, the theories and observations of others or any mathematical equations. Instead I’d say it seems to be a ball based on what I can observe first hand; light from the Sun on other bodies (the moon).

This no belief thinking and language allows me, more so than less, to listen to everything but steer clear of falling for anything, out of hand.

No More

Some things are no more, they lived, served a purpose and lost interest
They may exist as ideas in some, some life given to the new they held
But to the authors they’ve come and gone, they must be discarded from the everyday language he has with himself, the pondering and contemplations are better off without them
He no longer shares them, he’s outlived them

A Republic, A Constitution

My understanding of a Constitutional Republic is that it allows a person as much freedom as possible, without hindering the freedom of another.

That a well thought out Constitution will insure individual freedom. That this Constitution would be beyond the reach of interpretation. That no special interests have influence over the Republic. That the primary function of this Constitution be to protect citizens from each other.

That the core of this protection insure against bodily harm and loss of property. That personal safety and personal property are fundamental to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. That no special rights supersede the Constitution, be they Family, Business or States

When On The Sky

When on the sky all birds are black
Gulls or Hawks both front and back
Swallow, Swift or Vulture, the difference only culture