Post Belief America First Updates

Nothing is Over. Its Always been about Showing the Sleeper.

On board with Q, The Plan to save the World, Drain The Swamp, Digital Soldiers & Information Warfare. Until the 2020/21 (s)elections are overturned, until The Great Awakening is complete.

If you’re new & want to get a better understanding of what’s going on with President Trump & The Plan:

Nothing changes, with dirty Joe inauguration. One major part of “The Plan” has always been to [Show] people the truth about the World in which they live. As dull as that is, for me, I understand…

The Craziest Things

The two craziest things I’ve seen are Religion and Politics.
The two places where Belief is nurtured to perfection.
The two areas where Belief reigns supreme.
Whatever we manage to have done for us in this world, Belief will undo it. Maybe we can undo Belief.