the plan to save the world

I’ve deleted all postbelief “post” content. I finally got what I wanted: The power has shifted to my side. That made the content unnecessary. What we can do now is act. We can assist power and the plan to change the world by removing ourselves, to whatever degree possible, from their monetary control system. Remove our fiat money from “To Big To Fail” central banks. Use local banks and turn every spare bank note ($ etal) into Bitcoin. Don’t buy from “woke” businesses. As the majority, as the multi millions consumer, we can starve them out. Any form of non-cooperation will work.

no more fake news media puppets

BAT shit

I posted something on Minds and Telegram a while back about using old laptops and PC’s to run Brave Browser and earn BAT. Well, I shouldn’t have done that since they are partnering with the Centralized KYC World.
Now I find it may be the worst of the worst of that world. Here’s just one wee discussion about it –
– before I read this I was getting suspicious with Brave’s interest in my location and “targeted” ads. Anyway I’m out. Apologies. Live & Learn.

PC Laptop Crypto Mining

If I’m right, one Satoshi will be worth one real (future) US Dollar.
I’ve got Cudominer running on some fairly new laptops and desktops. In a month I’ve made a few thousand Sats.
If you use Linux, like me, I find it’s easier to add the repository through the terminal (scroll down their setup page) then go to the Package manager and install it.
Here’s my affiliate link:

CUDO Miner