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There’s, mostly, nothing new to say here, not with the Qanon, Plan to save the World, Drain The Swamp, Twitter storm of Digital Soldiers. Until the 2020 elections are over, until The Great Awakening is in full swing, I’m doing what I can & Enjoying The Show at Twitter. There’s no better case study on personal and collective bias and social engineering than whats on display there.

If you’re new & want to get a better understanding of what’s going on with President Trump, Qanon & The Plan go to It’s our forum with clues & updates from military intelligence known as Q. Keep in mind it’s a multi-purpose communication center. We can use it as a guide to events, but the Main Stream Media and the Traitors in Washington are also reading it, so there is necessary disinformation there as well. Timing Is Everything.

The Craziest Things

The two craziest things I’ve seen are Religion and Politics.
The two places where Belief is nurtured to perfection.
The two areas where Belief reigns supreme.
Whatever we manage to have done for us in this world, Belief will undo it. Maybe we can undo Belief.

Understanding the young Socialist

It’s not hard, they grew up in a Capitalist Society that has been fucking with them since birth. When I say Socialism I don’t mean the Globalists or the Pay To Play politicians in DC selling Socialism as a way to put their Revisionist Plans in play. But the Ideology of Socialism. Whatever that consists of in the mind of the individual.

It took me a long time to separate Capitalism from all the ills of Capitalist Society. I grew up in a transition period, born in 1955, I saw the Viet Nam War, Woodstock and People gunned down at Kent State. Not that I understood much about it, but I watched it and heard from the activists, realists and government propagandists of the day.

I watched the Black Panthers, the Watts Riots, saw undercover cops at our highschool parties and was basically, like most kids, told I couldn’t do what I wanted to do with no logical reasons why. I sat in the back seat of cars in gas lines. I saw a world of mean people ruling over the hippies and country boys like me.

Every bad thing I saw, from mean teachers to mean kids to mean rules, I blamed on the System. The System sucked and I was trapped in it. The only people I saw who were in favor of the System were those running it or profiting from it and I pretty much didn’t like any of them. I saw Society as something stupid and mean and I became stupid and mean myself.

I was told, by Socialist Thinkers, that the System I hated was Capitalism.

I never became a Socialist or an Activist because I didn’t really like any system of control and didn’t want to be part of any Political Group. But a different type of person might work to replace Capitalism with what they saw as it’s opposite: Socialism.

I don’t see any difference in the movements today than I saw back then. I don’t hold it against any young adult for being stupid and mean, who sees Capitalism as the enemy of the people, who wants to tear down the System. I think that stance makes more sense than those who think they can change the system by working with it or in it. That idea is a result of not paying attention, or more likely the result of a good old fashioned brainwashing.

The real problem in all this is that many people wanting out of the system think the system they want to escape, the system that is causing all the pain, is Capitalism. They think we live in a Democracy and that Capitalism is a form of Government. Those are big mistakes. That’s a lot of bad data to overcome.

The fact is Capitalism isn’t the problem. People in Governments are the problem. Sick people making the rules is the problem. We live in a Republic, not a Democracy, with a Constitution that’s way better than the people that wrote it. Capitalism simply means people can own things.

If you don’t want to own anything: If you don’t want your own land or house. If you don’t want others to be able to have their own land or house, or car, or restaurant; then you might want to have a Socialist Government. Just remember that ownership, Capitalism, will still be part of the Socialist System. But all these things that people own now, will be transferred to the Government. A Government run by a few people. Would you be able to trust them?

Today for the first time anyone can remember the tide of governing in the United States of America is turning. The sick people who have created our sick society are being exposed and taken out. For the first time in my mean stupid life I’m seeing something I like coming forth from people within our Government & Military. Those people are at war with the sick factions in that same government and military as well as all the sick rulers and rule makers around the world.

So I understand the young adults who think they want Socialism. I understand and sympathize with all the brainwashed people at home and abroad. People are made stupid and mean by those who profit off controlling societies. If things work out and the sick people are removed from the seats of power, things will change. Facts will emerge and people can, for the first time, operate intelligently. Things will change.

Will people continue to make sure sick people are kept out of power? Will anyone be preaching Socialism five years into freedom? We’re gonna find out.

No More

Some things are no more, they lived, served a purpose and lost interest
They may exist as ideas in some, some life given to the new they held
But to the authors they’ve come and gone, they must be discarded from the everyday language he has with himself, the pondering and contemplations are better off without them
He no longer shares them, he’s outlived them