A List Of Freedoms – What’s Number One

If there was a list of freedoms I guess it would include freedom of speech and those listed in the bill of rights but what freedom is most important? What freedom would you choose over all others?

I know what I’d choose: Freedom of Movement. I can’t imagine anything I want more than that. And I say want – because I don’t have it now. I can’t remember ever having it.

The western world with it’s formulation of monetary industry and monetary capitalism is about as movement restrictive as it can be without prisoners crashing the gates. Who gets to go where they want when they want? Not me.

Where did the idea come from that freedoms, rights and the like, need to be earned or won? From whom or what are we granted freedom of movement? Who holds the key to the gate. Who has locked us inside this prison? How could this come to be accepted and even prized?

I must be really hard to teach because I can’t seem to learn to accept any of this – do this, go there, stay there – shit. I can’t learn that “A Living” should be earned. What is a living anyway but a nice word for surviving?

How many who had learned this social lesson, who were working (for a living), are all of a sudden surviving or failing that are simply being kept – like out of favor pets.

Earn A Living. Fight For Freedom. Do these statements really make any sense to anyone? Or have we heard them so often, told how good they were, how fortunate we are to be given, something, we stopped thinking about it.

Is there some place you’d rather be? Why aren’t you there? Something you’d rather be doing? Why aren’t you doing it? Really, ask yourself why.

You don’t have permission. Whoever the permission granters are, they see the rest of us as children.

Even the top selling god ideas are made for a childlike people. All organized religions are organizations that deal with their “followers” as children. Followers. There is the followed and the follower.

How insidious is the lack of freedom? How skewed is our thinking, that the absence of this most basic freedom to move – is okay with people?

How trained do people have to be to not laugh when we here the phrase earn a living? I’ll tell you this, getting people to accept their prison system, is no small task. It’s so hard the system now needs your kids sooner. It takes a lot of teaching because it’s so outside anything we could call a natural living system.

Hurry up, get busy, nose to the grindstone, work hard and do your best – stay focused and diligent that your retirement may be secured. This is the lesson of the afterlife. Forget about this life. Here and now we follow the rules and in the next life gain our reward. Heaven, retirement, fairy tale living. To busy working toward, some promise, to think.

Hopefully the next time your heading somewhere and wishing you were going somewhere else, to do something else, you’ll start to wonder how this is possible. How was this “You go here and do this” managed? Who managed it? Why? Who gains from these restrictions, this lack of freedom of movement?

Here’s a clue: Follow the money. After that: Seek to understand money. All prisons are constructed by societies. All societies are constructed by ideologies, social philosophies, or what ever you want to call them. We could say “People’s Ideas”. All social structure uses a blueprint drawn by some people with some ideas. Who are they and what are they thinking? Why are we following them? What’s the alternative?

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