A message to young people #4

Uprooting Identification
From a conversation with Diego Fontanive

The educative system is not just to be considered as the schooling apparatus..
The educative process implies everything.. not just at school or in the family and so on..
Education is merely the process of facing, accumulating, decoding, processing, learning and understanding information.. inwardly and outwardly..

…and this whole process must be immune to self-identification.. always..
which means that also and especially this process and tendency to identify ourselves with what we assimilate, must be completely understood and everlastingly observed.. and this is up to us: no teacher, no guide, no master can ever teach us such observation..

..but if one loses such self-analysis, then such person gives his or her own contribution to the shameful phenomenon of self and collective manipulation and brainwashing..

Obviously this whole issue refers to the adult mind.. while the psyche of the kids cannot possibly understand what the process of identification means.. therefore the mandatory responsibility of the educators/parents must be entirely pivoted in the cognitive education aimed to avoid such disaster and to promote self-observation, self orientation and private thinking …uprooted from easy but dangerous methods of the “right and wrong” …

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