A more spacious prison

by Kalliopi

You say you want freedom, Love.
You want freedom but then again…
you don’t wanna face the implications of such a process.

You want freedom and so… just because you want it without even knowing what you are asking for… you go about it in your little secret world, where you can have have some false experience of power… of worth… of strength… of sufficiency.

You keep lying to yourself and your closest ones cause you don’t have the guts to face the possible consequences of being honest.
You say you don’t wanna hurt them.

I say you hurt them with every well justified lie of yours.
You beautify your cowardice and selfishness by saying you do it out of love for the ones you care.

That’s not freedom you want, love.
It’s just a more spacious prison. One of those, where by living in, you will never know who the fuck you are.
One of those, where by living in, nothing and no one will ever be enough.
Cause living like that, you are nothing but a junkie.
Manipulating in all possible ways to gain your next shot.
And tomorrow you will need more and more of your drugs to sustain your falsified identity.

You are killing yourself, Love.
And worst is… you have no idea of what you do. No idea of the violence you inflict on others and yourself every day through your “sweet, loving and protective” ways.

Just because you have surrounded yourself with enough knowledge/money/success/sex/religion/psychobullshit explanations/scientific proofs/spiritual awakenings/love and all those ornaments that you put on every day, when go out to the world, which give you the hallucination of freedom.

Remove them for a minute, Love. And take an honest look at what’s left in you… what’s left of you, when those ornaments are not there. And dare to come face to face with the fear that is jerking you off day by day behind the veil of your “freedom”.

…for every me and every you!

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