A Nation Of Idiots

Welcome to the Idiocracy – TSA (The Stupid American)

Just got done looking at another TSA kiddy rub. Got a government that gets more insane each year telling bigger and dumber lies every time I’m unlucky enough to catch one talking somewhere.

Got State government laws making healthy choices illegal. No one has the right to decide what their kids do or don’t do.

Deflation of the Idiocracy’s currency is so bad third world countries don’t want it. Still people pay taxes to privately owned money cartels – just to stay out of jail and feed the monsters that gnaw on their feet.

90% of TV is for the mentally impaired. Reality shows are pornographic fairy tales where has been celebrities go to get pies thrown at them. Humiliating each other is accepted entertainment.

Genetic mutation is enforced. The earth is a flowing, stinking toxic cesspool.

Religion and science have gone from truth seeking to superstition for profit. Banks run the planet, police armies roam the streets to protect and serve their Kings and the people are sentenced to lives of celebrating mediocrity. What a treat.

Where’s The Disgust?

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