A place with different rules

I met the boy as he walked to school he was looking down at his shoes on the rocks… imagining a different road, in a different place with different rules

He asked me, “Where did you come from?”.

I said, “We share this world we’re in. I should have told you this before. I would have if I would have known. I would have come and seen you sooner, I would have told you all about you, told you you’re a friend to me. Told you of the greatest gifts I’ve got from life I got from you”

I wish I’d said, these things you see that scar you up and make you sad are like the leaves of Maple trees that blow away and disappear

I would have said, don’t try so hard to figure out what’s going on, it’s only people, mixed up people, acted out to be like others

They’ll fly away just like the leaves, but you and I we’ll stay like brothers

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