A Short List Of Rules

It’s been about nine years now since I began looking closely at the world of social activity. My overall views have changed several times as I’ve absorbed more information.

Today I can’t see a way out of a one world order. The problem inherent in any government is people. World government or a multitude of separate governments. Always the same problems.

Now the solutions are fairly simple. What stands in the way of the solutions is people. Not just people in governments but with people. I can’t see enough people thinking close to clearly enough for a solution be applied.

I guess a major obstacle to change is people’s aversion to being wrong. People will fight to defend their position just to win.

Remember the movie Wall Street when the guy says “Greed is good”? I see a global psychology today that says “Winning is right”. The fight is secondary. If you lose that says you were wrong. People hate to be wrong.

If I was King I’d do away with all Nations and borders. I don’t want the world that is being created by the .0001%. I’m not one of them. If I were King the people of the world would write a short list of rules. We could call it a Constitution.

This would take a long time to finish. It may never get finished. In fact I’d be surprised if it did. But a lot of divisions would disappear with the dissolution of Nations and borders. Maybe sitting at the same table would make things better in itself.

I think a one world system is inevitable. One way or another I think this is where it’s going. Like I said I don’t see any problem but people. The hundredth monkey has yet to crest the horizon. The psychic tipping point which a real solution in the form of realization is dependent.

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