A Short Message From David

In the last month particularly, since I left home for New York, I have seen a new stage in the awakening as a whole new and potentially enormous group of people begin to cross the line and see that apparently random injustice is really calculated and coordinated injustice.

These are the people who have observed the grotesque unfairness and inequality in their own communities and the world in general, but have perceived this to be the result of human greed alone, almost a natural state of the greedy and unscrupulous seeking to exploit the masses for wealth and power.

On one level that is true, but more and more people are now beginning to realise that the foundations of this injustice are not ‘natural’, but globally enforced.

They are coming to the vital, perception-changing, life-changing realisation that the forces that manipulate their own communities and countries are the same forces that are doing the same in every community and country. It is a point I have stressed over and over in the last month: those dictating the lives of Americans are part of the same global network imposing its will upon the Portuguese and Spanish.

As ever more people in this ‘sense of injustice’ mindset start to connect the dots and see how it is all coordinated, the potential for bringing down the house-of-cards Control System becomes limitless.

And it is beginning to happen, though this is just the start.

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