A source of psychological misery

What are the mental miseries of your society? Whatever the psychological miseries are, where ever you are, they’re the same here.

Why do we all seem to share these miseries?

I think there is something involved that looks to me like “We don’t like ourselves”. Maybe it’s something like this, when we feel ourselves it feels like there’s something missing.

I think the whole self image thing is formed pretty much without our even being aware of it. So, at whatever age, when people begin to look at themselves and think about themselves in relation to the world of people the “somethings missing” or the “I’m not good enough” or the conscious or subconscious “I don’t like myself” has long been established… along with the whole menu of external solutions.

The sales pitch for this countries war machine has long been “Be all you can be”. In fact, although the wording changes, it’s the sales pitch for every group. If we really want to learn about the psychology of the masses, study advertising

If this, not liking ourselves, is the underlying problem… how would we fix it?

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