A World Of Hurt

I watched a movie the other day, had a director I like, it was very real… too real. No special effects, no fantasy… Afterward I understood, again, deeper and clearer, why people don’t see, can’t see, the world as it is… For all of our wanting different, wanting peace, calm and clean… there are monsters… Monsters roam the streets, the church, the playgrounds, back yards and rail yards… Monsters rule the Earth.

We can’t stop them, we can’t change them, we can’t heal them or soothe the seething mess that resides at the core of them… they’re not like you… they’re like a different species and you and I and all humanity is just food. They are psychopath, sociopath, craven and unrelenting… they bed down in palaces, in garages… the house next door

The majority of mankind can’t deal with them on any level… physically or mentally… it’s just too much, too frightening… they are the monsters unseen that manifest under the bed and in the dark closets of children… the cause for nightmare

What can we say except, Shsss, it’s just a dream, you’re safe now… go back to sleep

Without Cataclysm, history, bad code… or any other factor, born today, or five hundred years ago, faced with the horrors of reality, the mind breaks… it must create a place where good will out…

A few stand to fight, fire with fire, blood for blood… Some create stories for the madness and escape from nightmare to more comforting dreams filled with angels and heroes

For ever have we fought and died, starved at the hand of killers, become slaves, wives and fetchers to the beasts… there is no solution. This is the heart of it… there is no solution. The beasts aren’t going away, they’re growing in number and in boldness and they are everywhere… organized and unorganized, clear to path, chaotic, crazy… The brute, the solicitor, the horned Devil

Driven to the caves and deep forests of community and law we wait for the knock at the door

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