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How Do I Know What To Eat?

I grew up on ten acres in the country. My mom and dad were professionals when it came to making ends meet. I grew up knowing that all food is grown. There is no food that is not grown. If it didn’t grow out of the earth, it’s not food, it’s something else.

Some time ago choosing what to eat was as simple as knowing that food is something that grows out of the earth. Those times are gone. The “Weird Food Time” is here. I was introduced to the first stage of the weird food movement when I tasted a store bought tomato and found it had very little flavor. I knew there had to be something wrong with a tomato that didn’t really taste like a tomato, although at the time I didn’t know what that was.

One thing people did to mess up food was mess up the ground that they grew food in and then mess with harvesting times. If people who grow food kill all the life in the soil the food grown there is inferior. It lacks the quality of life. If food growers pick food early, so it will last till it gets to a store many miles away, the food isn’t finished.

Growing food in unhealthy depleted soil and harvesting for markets, instead of people, was likely the first big change in food.

The next thing that happened with food was the creation of the non food market. This selling of processed food, and calling it food, was the beginning of the food industry model people suffer under today.

The best solution to obtaining real food is to obtain a piece of land, rebuild that land as necessary and allow it to grow food for us. Another solution is to find someone who is growing food and get it from them. Next would be to get food from a store that buys locally grown organic food.

But most important is the realization that ones quality of life (Health) depends on getting real food. The number one rule is “Processed Food Is Not Food”. I guess that’s the place to start

New codex film at the national health federation
“…award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller (The Promised Land, Generation RX) examines the possibilities of a future where international government bureaucracies like the WTO and Codex Alimentarius — working in league with multinational corporations, control the food and medicine supply worldwide.”

“SHADOWS OF THE FUTURE was produced to help consumers understand the threat Codex standards and ‘guidelines’ present to them,” Mr. Miller explained. “People need to know how ‘Free Trade’ deals with the WTO have tied us into a strange bureaucratic alliance, and how it imposes restrictions on our lives and freedoms.”

“In this 10-minute film, Miller outlines why the Codex Alimentarius Commission, working under the auspices of the United Nations and the Food and Agricultural Organization, has become such a dangerous and bureaucratic nightmare…”

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