About God: Somebody Is Going To Be Wrong

I was thinking this morning about Islam and Christianity. They have ought for the heathen, or the non-believer, depending whose camp we’re talking about.

I don’t get it myself. I’m surprised each Sunday, on my way to the golf course, that there are so many people filling churches. I think it’s really something that anyone in their thirties still attends, or even thinks about going to church.

But here’s the unavoidable fact where Christians and Muslims are concerned; Somebody is going to be wrong. This is inevitable – from a fundamentalist member perspective. Which ever side wins the “I told you so” battle, millions of people end up as followers of a hoax. Not that this news will change anything for believers – but I thought it interesting – more than interesting – ¬†fascinating.

On the other hand, if I’m right and religion itself is a hoax, billions of human beings have lived delusional lives. That’s a lot of delusion. That’s a lot of death and destruction. What’s that battle cry? For God and Country….

What other delusional thinking are we operating under? What’s the result?

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