About right and wrong

Everything we do, everything we think, every rule, law, border, limit, belief, idea and ideal is built off the ideas of those who came before us… I’d like for us to all be very aware of this and to begin questioning everything that goes on in the world and in our own thoughts. Why do we believe what we believe?

I’m all for the ridding ourselves of every old idea and starting from scratch… Whenever I talk about this to people one thing inevitably comes up: What about right and wrong; are these just ideas? Yes. What usually follows is something like, “Well, we have to have rules for Society… We have become civilized because it was necessary for our own protection… is it okay for people to steal?”, and so on. First – Society and ownership are someone’s ideas: We just live in accordance with them; because we have little choice. Most of us, adjust our thinking, till there is no questioning the need for society… we become the idea

Ever notice how most kids question the normality and rightness of the parent’s “Society”? Most of these kids get “normalized” by the necessities of surviving within the societies and after a while become integrated into the system: their ideas, that something is wrong, all but forgotten…

As for the right and wrong idea. “How can we survive, live on this planet without ideas about right and wrong?”

Try this on…

Take any 100 kids and raise them without any rules, beliefs or any of our old established ideas… There are no teachings about right and wrong, creationism, ownership… anything that goes on in the world of people today is not taught or talked about… No life purpose or “Meaning” in things: You’re here; no one knows why… Kids! It’s up to you, do what you want…

How many of these kids will become murderers?

Would there be a single thief? There’s nothing to steal. Will they become liars? …there’s nothing to protect or get in trouble for… How many Psychopaths and Sociopaths, would you say, come out of this group of one hundred kids?

…and if there was a murderer, or a kid that the rest considered crazy (or since crazy is an idea maybe we’ll say different), how would that kid come by that behavior? Wouldn’t it have to be the genetic glitch? Keep in mind this 100 is the first batch… it comes with all the genetic imprinting of the ancestry… but how many glitches would we get out of a hundred, or a thousand, or ten thousand?

It’s something to think about

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