Achy Joints And Candida

I recently made a visit to The Dragon Herbarium, a local herb shop, for a Candida remedy. I’ve been looking at the Candida issue and since I don’t need to worry too much about the side affects from most edible herbs I figured I’d try the cure.

What I want to report today concerns the effect this Candida remedy has had on my achy joints. I don’t ever say “I have arthritis”, but what I have feels like arthritis, right down to the knowing there’s rain on the way.

The other day I was looking at the rain outside and thought, “My knees didn’t hurt as this system was rolling in”. Then I realized my knees hadn’t bothered me at all lately. Hadn’t even thought about them for a week or so. About the same time I’d been using the Candida treatment.

Sure enough, one of the myriad of systems associated with Candida is arthritis (which I don’t have). Here’s my choice for reading up on Candida Holistic Help, Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.. Learn what Candida and “The fungus” is, what the symptoms are…

I’m using a tincture of: Pau D’Arco inner bark, Spilanthes plant, Usnea lichen, Black Walnut, green hull and Marshmallow root.

Report your findings

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