Addicted To Death

Politically, there is no better, different, world being offered. There is really nothing on the table but the continuation of death by war, death by fear, death by hate, death by stupid.

The main problem with listening to the politics of stupid is the hopelessness of ever getting to where you’re trying to go. The majority of people following along in the wake want to make a better, safer, world.

Here is an easy way to judge whether your chosen sides ideas will lead to something better: Has it yet? Was it put to the test? Do we see something better in the world around us? Are we better off financially, emotionally or physically? If the answer is no, why adhere to the politics?

Not getting us anywheres rebuttal is always, “It’s not us, it’s them”. Them being, whoever is not on our team and parroting our philosophy. Only in religious and political halls does this ridiculous song get sung. The words are taught by the conductors and the choir just sings along. Think that any of these folks would be as accepting of a failed or failing business model?  If sales didn’t go up after a set period of time, if the business wasn’t doing well, the model would be scrapped.

How could there be one decision making process for one area of a persons life and a different, opposing, process for another? Shouldn’t it be, doesn’t it stand to reason, that the decision making process be the same across the board?

One of the things we’re taught as children is that we have to kill our enemies. That’s the accepted solution among the majority of full grown humans. It’s this way because we were taught that it’s the ultimate and often necessary solution.

We’re taught it through the politics of history. No one was taught that the War was fought because the people didn’t know any better. No one was taught that the War was fought because it’s the most profitable game in town. No one is taught that nations are guided by unpublicized political agendas. Even though anyone can find these things out it’s never mentioned.

The problem with the general population in the U.S. today is that to few know about the things that could change our lives for the better, just by knowing them. This, not knowing anything, is part of the plan. It’s possible for people to not know things even when those things are played out right before their eyes. This phenomena can only be accomplished through a form of hypnosis. What we have is a population operating under hypnosis.  It operating like any program. It was implemented using what is known about the human psyche which Freud uncovered, or at least made public.

If this “conditioning” is sufficient there is almost no way to break through the barrier of,  what could be described as a form of, mental blindness. It’s a type of wall erected that doesn’t allow for real sweeping conceptual change to take place. The best example of this is the idea of life without a monetary system.

Who, no matter how open minded they think they are, can conceive of a world without a monetary system. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the earliest programming we receive is a highly successful melding of the personality built around the idea of success through acquisition.

Success is measured by acquisition. Whether it’s a position, an achievement, security, relationships, or just having a lot of stuff, people are taught that acquisition and the pursuit of happiness are synonymous.

Kids are taught that when they get certain things they’ll feel a certain way: They’ll be happy. We’re taught that all these things are and have been made possible by our monetary system. To threaten this monetary system is to threaten an idea of personal happiness and people simply go blind.

As this teaching takes hold, as these concepts are embedded as the personality, people become mentally rigid. Hey, we have to be tough. We have to stand by our guns. We have to stand up in defence of our way of life. Why? Our happiness depends on it.

This idea of personal happiness defined for us and embedded in us is why we are okay with the policies of death. We’re more or less addicted to the things we associate with happiness and we’ll support almost anything that promises to deliver happiness to us. We’ve also been taught that evil has to be killed or we will always be under threat of death ourselves.

One important thing to get through our heads, possibly the most important of all, is that people don’t start wars. What I refer to here as people is us. Us being the majority of the human beings on the planet through out history and today.

Governments start wars. Or rather governments administer the starting or instigation of wars. This is just a fact. Whether it’s a Monarchy, a Democracy, a Dictatorship et al., it is always Government that takes the nation and it’s people to war. The people that make up the governments do what they do for power and money (happiness). So does it make sense to expect an end of war is possible under the current system? Does it make any sense to create more forms of government?

Is it reasonable not to entertain alternatives? What would cause us to not be able to conceive of an alternative? I wonder…

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