Akismet slows down your blog

Does the Akismet plugin slow down your blog? What are we talking about when we talk load times? How may calls and answers? The time and distance in trips to different servers?

I never even thought about removing Akismet from wordpress… Has anyone? I’ve never read anything about it, it’s almost as if it’s part of the code, a built in function.

The other day I got a message that my Akismet key was no longer valid. What? A valid key no longer valid? No email alert, not even a heads up inside the wordpress admin. I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t wanted to use the key for another wordpress installation.

I really didn’t like that. It reminded me of the one time I lost access to a gmail account… I never used gmail again. So I started wondering if I could get around Akismet, if there was a replacement. I decided to try AntiSpamBee which so far is working fine. But I also saw that my queuries had dropped and my page load time improved.

If you want to test this out place the following code in your footer.php file right before the closing </footer> tag.

<?php printf(__('%d queries. %s seconds.', 'kubrick'), get_num_queries(), timer_stop(0, 3)); ?>

Compare the before and after results. I styled mine in the Frank child theme like this: .footer-printout {text-align:center;font-size:70%;}

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