All Ideas About Life And Creation Fail

All stories about how this life thing got started are inherently flawed. All our notions about everything start with, “In the beginning there was”. I have to say that “There was” cannot possibly be the beginning of anything. At best it’s someplace in the middle, or at least in the during. Here’s another impossible idea – From This Then. Everything we tell people about the beginning of anything starts with – From This Then. Sorry, but that doesn’t add up. We’ve even sought to get around this impossibility by saying that something developed out of nothing. Once again I have to point out that there can’t be a nothing without a something – So now what?
Wrong From The Gate

All of our thinking about everything has to be wrong. All thoughts we have about everything. All thoughts are based on the “Out of this” or the “From This” concept. What is the original this? What is that thing out of which all things came? Can we possibly get anywhere with this type of reasoning? Is there ever going to be an original this when all things operate on the “From this then this” principle? I’m sure you can see where this method fizzles into nothingness. So at best we’re on the wrong track thinking wise. This did not come from this and there is no original “In the beginning” thing. There can’t be. There must be another structure we’ve missed altogether.

How To Get On The Right Thinking Track

I have no idea. If you were looking for some enlightenment here – Sorry. I’ve been thinking about this my whole life and haven’t got anywhere except to discard all current “Origin Of Life” stories. What I’ve deduced is our thinking is okay for living on Earth. We can look around and find out about the planet and how it works. We can learn about chemistry and biology and use that information to live well – Not that we do, but we could. But as soon as we try to take this earth perspective into any other realm – it doesn’t work. Earth perspective, Earth knowledge, Earth understanding, Earth thinking – only works for this planet. Only here can we get away with “In The Beginning”. We might come close to being right about the Earth. Although that’s pure speculation too. Everybody thinks they’ve got things right until they find out they were wrong.

All things “Out There” are inexplicable. Creation doesn’t work: It cancels itself out as possible by it’s own premise. Creationism is based on “From This”. In the from this theory there must be a thing out of which other things come. From it’s own conclusion it’s not possible so lets drop it. Why try to continue along a line of thought that can never resolve it’s own premise? Better just to drop it and move on. Same with science. Somewhere out there something did this and out of that came this and then – and so on. But nothing and something don’t just happen in the “From This Then” scientific model so it fizzles like creationism. The problem, as I see it, is in our thinking. There’s nothing wrong with the great big world. All that exists out there beyond the senses, beyond experience, seems to be getting along fine. We don’t understand it because we lack experience.

How Do We Know?

How do we know what we know? Do we know anything by thinking about it? As far as I know we know what we know because we’ve experienced it. We know hot and cold. We know happy and sad. How? We know what we know because we did what we did. Can we know things because we want to? I can’t. If you can, I need to talk to you – right now. Now if all we know we know from experience why do we set experience aside when we seek to explain non-earth phenomena? That doesn’t even make for good guessing?

I guess the need to guess or make things up falls to the need to know. Strange when you think about ti but it plays out. For some reason not knowing feels like not secure. Not knowing what’s going to happen in the future is sort of scary so we’ve tried to make some sense out of it so we feel better. But that really doesn’t work does it? We know “only” because we have experience. We conduct “Experiments” when we want to find things out. If we can experience things, see things happen right in front of us we say, “Okay, now we know”… So far there is no experiment for the origin of life. We can’t go to a lab and set up the tests. So nobody knows.

There is also the book burning phenomena. People who want to say “I Know This Unknowable Thing” will seek to destroy the competition. They destroy, or bury, any text (or people) they can lay their hands on. If we had all the writings ever written we would surely know more than we do at present. I’m sure most of mans written history is gone and with it the wisdom of experience. I say this is most likely because I get to experience censorship everyday. It’s everywhere and all the time. A constant attempt to bury the truth.

It’s sad, but that’s what we know from experience. People bury facts that would expose them and there plans for control. Why? The only reasons are so short sighted and petty that it’s hard to imagine it real but – there is that experience thing again. We all experience it and so we know it goes on. How much is lost? How much is lost as far as our thinking process? At best we’re missing some key pieces to the whole life puzzle. Some of those pieces are most likely thinking pieces. What if we did away with “From This Then”? It doesn’t work for the big picture so why apply it when we think?

So far this is the best I’ve come up with as far as advice for myself: Discard – from this then – Or – out of this came. I guess I’ll try this and see what happens.

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