All must be creationism

If… Imagination begins in knowledge. Then… What can imagination build from nothing?

How can any person imagine anything apart from a creationist picture? We all want to know how we got here… it’s unavoidable… Don’t we all then, literally every single person, imagine some sort of creationism as an explanation?

There is not one single thing made that someone didn’t make (create) … there is no other “knowledge about how things works” … We can say we don’t care… a lot of people say that… I don’t have a preference, but I can’t honestly say I don’t care.

If we really have no preference wouldn’t we see that none of the stories have any real evidence, conjecture not being evidence, and why would we believe any of the stories people have come up with? There are sciency creation stories, religious creation stories, religious science new age quantum mechanics creation stories…

The authors and cosigners all have the same knowledge base to imagine from… and the same desire for answers. I think “I don’t care” is another shelter… “I must convince myself I don’t care lest it drive me nuts” … Who can ignore the elephant in the room? The big ass Pachyderm is here to stay: nothing gets made without a maker… period; this is the parent of confusion… and it doesn’t go away, for any of us, just because we say we don’t care.

The point remains can anyone imagine anything outside of this? If we’ve agreed and said no… Then what?

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