All People Know The Truth

All People Know The Truth about what’s going on in this country (US). Every citizen knows what’s going on within their frame of reference and like wise up the ladder with each wider, more encompassing view.

All people know when they’re being lied to. Everyone knows when they hear a lie. Lies include stories with no possibility of proof.

Every time a TV news actor says the economy is showing signs of recovery – everyone watching knows it’s a lie. When the president says he is working on creating more jobs and a better future – everyone knows it’s a lie. When a religious “authority” tells an audience what their gods expect – everyone in the congregation knows it’s a lie. Everyone, without exception knows when they’re being lied to.

So why is there so much contrast and opinion about everything if everyone knows what is what?

Very few people are willing to have there social worlds torn apart through the acceptance of facts. Why? An unwillingness to face a temporary discomfort even if it means the misery and death of millions of people  – or even life as we know it – on this planet.

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