An Evolution of Mind?

How would it be possible for a “Person” to know what they are… or what this “World” is?

I have no idea what’s going on, in “Life”, except in the most basic physical Earth way… This is why I continually question people with definite views on “big picture” things… Not necessarily to find any “big picture” answers, but to get to the bottom of the person’s thinking…

I was talking with a girl who had mentioned that the Mind could evolve… in this particular case I find that what was being referred to as an evolved mind was actually a non confused mind.

Well, I’m all for this not confused state.

I’d ask though, “Why would we call it evolved?”

Do we know Mind is the culprit in this confusion? How would we? It seems we’d first have to define mind… How would we do this? Would it be our own definition?

Would it come out of a summation of our own exploration and examination… a hands on learning experience? Have we adopted anyone else’s ideas about mind along the way?

If so, wouldn’t that be like starting with a belief? A belief about Mind, about people, about evolving?

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