An odd duck

Anyone heard anything about a black duck crossing your path? Anything bad like with a black cat? I don’t buy the black cat and bad luck thing. I’ve had a couple of black cats cross my path and nothing came of it… well at least not right away

But today I was standing out by the driveway cleaning a tool and here comes this black duck, walking along right in front of me. At first I just thought, hmm, that’s odd, that a duck would be heading… where?… and then when it was directly in front of me it gave a sideways glance at me. I can’t say it grinned, but it seemed to know something, to be thinking about me in some way… maybe something in it’s eyes, the way it looked right at me

It made me think. Is this something? Something besides a chance meeting of two creatures on a rainy afternoon? Is it just a black duck? Or is something more sinister afoot…

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