Are They Ignorant Or Lying?

I was thinking about the people that are considered authorities. In particular I’m talking the fields of economics and national/international political policy.

Everything I hear people on TV, and most of the internet, say about the economy is wrong. The same goes for political policies at home and abroad. First lets be realistic and say these two are not separate subjects. They’re the same thing. Economics run politics – period. No law, regulation, bill or war is put in place that is not an economic benefit to someone. The important question is who is reaping the benefit?

Whenever we hear people say things on TV and we “figure” they must know what they’re talking about – we’re making a very dangerous assumption. Also when we listen to people talk about international relations (policy), economic programs (policy) and the need to use force to insure global security (policy) we might assume there’s more to it than meets the eye – so we’ll just let others, who know more about these things, decide – for us. This is also a very dangerous decision.

If we can be convinced of a simple reality we can begin to understand everything that goes on in the world around us. That simple rule is – Bigger doesn’t mean more complex. We always hear politicians and economists talk about the complex problems we face at the global level. None of that is true. Things, like relationships and economics don’t become more complex when we move from the familial to the local community to the global community. If you know how to keep peace in your home with out resorting to violence and you can work out “Home” economics you understand all there is to know about the two subjects. They never become more complex or mysterious than that.

If a pundit says borrowing money is the solution to borrowing too much money then they are either ignorant of the realities of basic economics or they’re being paid to say it. Same with international policy. If a politician, person or president thinks that violence is the road to peace and security then they’re either ignorant to the realities of human nature or they’re being paid to lie and implement policy for financial gain. When money becomes the most important thing in life to people all sorts of bad, weird and stupid things happen. A public that’s hooked on money is nothing more than a nation of addicts.

The people in authority do things for money and lie about it. People without power and authority hope they will see some financial benefit from letting them carry on with the lies and ‘for profit’ policies. There are no winners in this game. Even the ones at the very top of the financial food chain won’t win because there is nothing real in play. The whole idea of money is no more than a game of pretend. As long as people are willing to pretend the game will continue and the world will continue to look and feel the way it does. “C’est la vie”

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