As sound

If we are already sound… and if everything that is it’s ‘just’ and funda~mentally sound … then why words to describe or study things, as something like quazar for example……

i mean would not be much more easy to just listen sound observing the weaving informations of the things…. from that sound one will acquire other sound thus information as well …. like frequency …. so then what is really the awareness of one thing, if not an expansion of own frequency perceiving and emitting field…

what i mean is… we really think to need words to describe things that are already there as sound? words indeed are just translation of the same sound…. as original information (sound and not word) …. so it would not be easier to just listen that sounding information acquirig it by an intuitive action of observation instead of an act of word/s translation to explain – describe it?

so if i’m already sound of the sound… don’t i have already the info and the connection with the sound itself to acquire the informations i look for …..

it’s an alone way …… but you are never really alone ….

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