Asking Questions

We all have questions… Some people hide their questions, afraid of the answers… Some people want assurances: Am I okay? Am I doing the right thing? What happens when we die? What’s our purpose here?

The first question we might ask when we have this type of question is, “Who wants to know?”.

We develop a persona based on our environments and the teachings of those environments… These adopted persona are not us. They are our ideas about us… they become living things only in so much as we live through them. They are always doubting themselves… we know they aren’t real, but if we’re in them, living as them, we confuse ourselves with these identities and we feel fragile.

These little we’s, these mego’s, are fragile… there built on ideas… Ideas aren’t reality.
Reality, whatever it may be, came first: It is; Whatever it is… Then we got ideas. Then we taught ideas… then we did it again, and again… and most of us forgot the reality of what we are. I have…

Though I may not recognise this reality, I can recognise ideas.

So when a question arises from within, like “What should I do?”… We could ask, “Who wants to know?

Secondly: If we forgot the, what we are, reality… can we remember it again?

When we want to ask questions that deal with something unseen… some intangible… maybe we should just ask ourselves. We can exercise our recall ability by putting the question to ourselves. We might ask, “How did we get here… on a planet… in a Universe? We ask – then we drop it.

When the questions come up again (and they will) we can go through the same routine “Who wants to know?” Then do something else… maybe make some rice… with green onions and mushrooms.

We don’t want to ask anyone else… We might get their ideas in return. We already went down that road. Perhaps we can allow ourselves to recall what we know.

We can observe the questions, observe the questioner, observe the answers…

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