Attachment detachment

Indisputably we all have an attachment to our so called personality, aka “consciousness”, aka “self-knowledge”, aka the “me”.. and through it we live our days..

Each of us with no exception whatsoever; including the mythologized guru, the mystified holy man, the person supposedly “enlightened” and so on .. experiences such mental quality.. ’cause such an attitude in merely part of the nature of the psyche..

The engulfment in the “me”, in our own personality, without the understanding that while mind is one thing, personality is another (can we realize that mind is something, personality is something else? Do we?), this fusion, or better to say con-fusion, is self-deception, .. it leads to a paradoxical psychological hollowness of psychology filled up by a hank of pre-packaged and not observed actions-reactions of conditioned thoughts.

The things to which we are anchored; whether property, people, family, beliefs, ideas, activisms and routines, habits and attitudes, the church, the yoga, the food, the meditation and all of these things do not represent in themselves a cage..

The cage is not in possessing, the cage is in not observing, ’cause in not observing the possessed possesses the possessor both practically and psychologically .. and existentially it becomes the bondage of conclusions such as “god”, “enlightenment”, the “divine”, the “sacredness”, another dimension in which to escape, the material, the dogma, the ritual, the tradition, the morality and all of this sort of things…

Not really possession, but rather the maniacal disorder that from inattentive possession springs out inexorably.. destroys the fruition of intelligence and its rise…

One may realizes this mechanic of self deception.. but does discovery of the cause bring freedom from the effect? Will the acknowledgement of the process destroy the maniacal result?

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