Become A Factivist

People like labels. Labels are like Brands for the common class. People like activism. It makes them feel useful, a part of. Activism ain’t all bad providing people are acting with the facts.

To many activists are dealing with their own emotions, desires and reality tunnels. This leads them down the path of, “I’m just a pet on a leash”.

More people today are beginning to develop an interest in the facts. I attribute this to an instinct for security and survival. But whatever the reason, the age of the Factivist is at hand.

Being a Factivist isn’t as easy as Activism. Factivists don’t have the luxury of supporting a cause, person or political party “Just Because”. Factivism is more limited – any movement requires facts.

This can become tiresome. People get gloomy and weary of the truth. Although activism no longer holds any attraction for them the tendency to fall into fuckitism looms.

Factivism can be depressing. “The truth can be painful”. But it’s still the truth.

If you decide you want to be a part of something real then you’re in for a bit of nastiness. No longer will fantisism lift you out of the low spots. You’ll have to become substantive. You’ll need to develop principles. You’ll need to write your own rules and ethics.

Factivism is simple, hard and taxing. But it’s been worth it, for me, in the long run. Who knows you may even be part of real long term change for the better.

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