Belief Or Reality

Belief or Reality – From my life of experience with people I’ve formed certain conclusions…

This morning during the sleep to wake pause I was wondering if those conclusions fell into the category of belief or reality.

(1) I only hear and read words: as a result I’m constantly confronted with the “You know what I mean” thing… (No, I don’t). Conclusion; interacting with people is, and will be, confusing and frustrating [ Belief or Reality? ]

(More) Here are some more conclusions from observing people: People in general are stuck in stories they’ve heard and will live and die there

There is little or know chance that our species will survive itself

There is no help (gods, angels, higher intelligence… ) coming to the rescue

More than 90% of the people on earth will die between 80 and 100 years of age of so called natural causes

… is this type of conclusion a Belief or a Reality?

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