Believing and the origin of life

Yes people and other animals adapt to environments… this is what Darwin and others were seeing, then… they starting guessing and proposing what ifs. Nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon myself. Creation likely came from the observation of like begets like, So there should be something like us somewhere that made us, a great parent figure.

The Higgs boson quest… As far as I know there has been no discovery of the god particle. The whole expansion idea came from Hubble’s one time speculation of red shift… how much evidence is there written about and shown on network TV that goes against all these popular ideas? Actually there’s a lot, but it doesn’t make it in to the text books and get played on Nova.

Believing in the big bang, evolution, the creation religions is a choice… Where do we get the idea about stars being a type of nuclear furnace? Why would we believe that? Why do we want to believe these things? What does it soothe and satisfy? Every speculation we make about the origins of anything and the nature of things comes from people living on this speck of a planet.

I’m holding off on believing any of it, I’ll just watch and listen and see what gets found. Really found as in we can see it and work with it.

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