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I’ve been looking at what I could do on the web to make money about as long as I’ve been on the web, messing around with websites. That would be since around 2008. In fact making money is really the only reason I learned about websites.

What I found out was I really don’t have anything to sell and I don’t like marketing. I can build a bridge or a house or even a high rise hotel, but I came late to the web and my skills aren’t really competitive. I don’t make apps or write useful code and even if I did there are thousands of people who do it better and they’re already doing it.

I’m not really good at talking to people. I can talk. I can run a job, discuss certain topics, but I’m not someone people like to chat with. I’m not chatty. I’ve never been known for my social skills, so I can’t make any real money writing web pages cause I don’t enjoy it.

I have a lot of real life skills but no marketable web skills. But I still want to make money online because at some point I’ll be too old to make money offline and there’s really no such thing as retirement for me. I have to keep working and earning money

Which brings me back to making money on the web and I keep ending up back at the online sex business. Yep, good old porn is the constant money making, most money making, most stable business online. But I don’t really want to be in the porn trade. There’s some sex business I want nothing to do with. It’s just a personal ethic thing. I won’t work with some home builders or contractors either.

So what can I do with sex on the web that doesn’t fuck with my head, or damage other people. How can I make money off sex on the web that will in no way involve me in sex trafficking, sex slaves, child abuse, abuse in general, or people I don’t like?

I think the answer is web cam sites and web cam models. People voluntarily doing what they want to do sexually, protected through virtual distance, and making money doing it. I think I’m going to get a web cam site. I’m looking into it now, doing the research, finding out what’s involved… now I suck at business because I hate governments and taxes and rules and laws but I’ve found some people who take care of all that so… I think I might get me a web cam site, find some cam models and see what happens. I feel okay with that. I have nothing against sex, wouldn’t want to live without it. This could work

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