Boycott: The Worlds Only Recourse

“Boycotts: How to regain public control the United States of America”

When I joined the fray of political interest one of the things I soon decided to work for was “To bring an end to professional politics”. I’ve added to my personal cause, “Ending the monetary system”. They go hand in hand. They’re all but synonymous. At least symbiotic, as one created, supports and effects the other.

In our current monetary system someone will always hire political candidates. We only see those candidates. We can only vote for those candidates. So we will always have them in the highest political offices. This will never ever change. Dreaming won’t help with this – unless those dreams lead us to someone with actual working solutions.

The only political solution at the moment is the boycott. We have something “for the moment” that we can use as leverage to change the course the governments of the world have led us into. If we collectively withhold our financial participation the political coop will end. Make no mistake that we are subjects of a coop regime. We have been for some time.

There are a couple of ways the U.S. government takes control of the resources in nations around the world. One is through military force as we see in the Baltic States, the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan. The other is through their loan shark business. The IMF and WTO are the chief financial coop institutions. All of this information is available – if you check out the “Pages” section you can find enough to get started.

The political machine can’t be stopped through peaceful protest. Protesting law makers who can simply make laws ending or curtailing protest (Copenhagen) is pointless. We can’t appeal to there better natures, they are what they are. We can’t call up the constitutional legality of things. All this is and has been tried to no avail. The real truth is that money, as we know it since 1913, has formed a different government. Unless we understand this and educate ourselves on it, then no – we can’t do anything.

One major coop was accomplished through the manipulation of the U.S. governments fundamental structure via the constitution with the addition of the 17th Amendment:

Modern Tyranny Movement:

The Tyranny Movement began in earnest at the turn of the last century in 1913. The “Money Trust” as found to exist in a report by the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Banking and Currency, entitled “Investigation of Financial and Monetary Conditions in the United States managed to drive the final nails into the coffin of the American Constitutional Republic. The victory was secured with the passage of the FEDERAL RESERVE Act in December of 1913, which created the 3rd Central Bank of the United States.

The primary motivator was a desire by the “Money Trust”
to regain its lost monopoly over the nation’s monetary policy and larger influence over the government as a whole while fostering an endless cycle of credit, ergo debt. The private control over the nation’s monetary policy had slipped from their grasp after Nicolas Biddle threatened to cause an economic depression by contracting the money supply if Congress did not renew the 2nd central bank’s charter. Mr. Biddle’s arrogant threat finally turned the tide in favor of President Andrew Jackson who promised during his campaign for reelection to end the reign of the 2nd central bank and return control of the nation’s money back to the Department of Treasury. In defeat however, the central bankers learned an important lesson. Mr. Biddle’s demise came from the fact that he was unable to secure enough support from the various state legislatures. Elected state legislatures were designated by the Constitution as the body in charge of appointing Senators to the Congress. After learning of Mr. Biddle’s threat to cause an economic depression, the majority of state legislatures, including Mr. Biddle’s home state of Pennsylvania directed the Senators to vote against renewal of the 2nd Central Bank’s charter.

Therefore, prior to securing passage of the FEDERAL RESERVE Act of 1913, the “Money Trust” first successfully waged a campaign of “democratic populism” urging the Constitution be amended to allow for the direct election of Senators. On April 8th of 1913, the 17th Amendment became law, thereby making Senators beholden to popular campaigns. Campaigns – which would require fund-raising and massive money expenditures just as has always been required by members of the House of Representatives. Consequently, instead of needing to lobby and influence forty-eight separate state legislatures made up of hundreds of individual elected members, the lobbying efforts could be directed at the ninety-six respective Senators. All of whom were now in direct reach while in the District of Columbia.

Not dealing with the facts, as far as politics is concerned, is what most people are doing now. Most people are trying to deal with something they think should be, instead of what is. And no – it won’t work.

Can a successful Boycott be formed?

Probably not. From everything I’ve witnessed in the last 20 years I think that the manipulation of the public psyche is complete. I think that people have been sufficiently programmed to the point where they are unable to break free. But if we’re going to form a boycott we can start right here right now, and see what happens. I hope I’m wrong.

You could start adding comments and get something going. If a significant number act we could start an official boycott page.

You could also bring it up with anyone who will listen, “Let’s form a Boycott”. It has to be a nation wide boycott agreeing on a few specific points (the fewer the better) if it’s to be successful.

Won’t do a bit of good without a tight focus and small target. Getting people to sign on is the hard part. Taking control of the nation won’t be all that hard once the numbers are sufficient to the cause.

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