Breast Implants Are Out

As of now the whole idea of “I am my body” is fading away. Human consciousness is finally moving from it’s tiny finite fixations to something far more interesting – reality.

I am my body has always been a tough row to hoe. It’s confusing, frustrating and downright frightening. Frightening because if “I am my body” then “When it’s gone, I’m gone”. That’s no fun. Some have escaped their fear by creating the heavanly body story, “When the ‘I body’ dies, I’ll get a heavanly body, (if I do as I’m told).

“Another “I am my body” result is the “Look at me” deal.

“Look at me” results in costumes. People dress up as to attract the attention of others so they feel alive, liked, unique. Special? What else is “A body” to do? If “I am this body” what else is there? The absolute waste of time and energy spent on “Look at me” is insane. The good news is it’s all fizzling out and a sense of sanity is returning.

After eons of testing this particular “my Identity” system we’re at last about to wrap it up and file it away under “pointless waste of life”.

So, breast implants are out. Breast implants had to be the pinnacle of the plastic people syndrome. But all the body identity gadgets are being forgotten, like so many childhood toys. Piercings, ink, ear stretching, lip puffing, body building, dress up, costume up and so on. Gone, done, over…

The new, old new, is “I am not my body”. This is going to be much easier for the identity seekers because they can finally stop staring at their mirrors and begging for attention. Better for the rest of us since we’ll never again have to look at those weird fake tits, fucked up noses and disfigured lips.

Oh, and those tanning ovens, you can come out now…

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