Can a mind exist free of conditioning?

I was asked if a mind could exist free of conditioning and if we could ever be free from conditioning if you are still part of society?

How would you think/act w/o conditioning if you are still part of society? Even after dismantling everything, there will still be something (a fragment of conditioning) that will govern your choice/actions. Society in itself is a conditioning. Do you dismantle society? That brings you to another relative location. And that too will be a condition based on many factors. Even living in a forest outside civilization presents some conditions that will influence choice.

Dismantling is a necessary process. I do not disagree. But can the mind really exist without conditions at all? Do you ever reach a point where you would say “yes, now I a free from all conditioning”?

We arrived here without having learned anything (outside of some genetic imprinting) so we are all, at some point, minds free of conditioning… the teachers teach their conditioning, their programming, to us… as much as we allow it.

Are not societies belief systems? I’m not really a part of any society… I walk around in it, I drive through it, I’ll buy from it’s stores and pay the necessary tolls and taxes in order to stay out of trouble. Other than that it has nothing to do with me… I don’t care about it. I can’t dismantle it, because I can’t dismantle other people… all systems are just people: thinking and doing things

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