Can the conditioned mind free itself

How would, could, someone on their own even recognize their own conditioned mind set, let alone find their way out of it. I’d say it’s about the toughest thing their is to do, and that’s if there are others who have gotten out themselves to act as guides…. and I’m only referring to the major conditionings such as wide spread social ideologies.

I’ve only ever heard a handful of people speak I thought were, for the most part, free of mind sets: meaning they might think without being overly influenced by memories… and I’ve never met one in person.

Three of these few I know are now dead… I guess that might mean they’re all dead

If we’re thinking and acting under the influence of memories, all that we’ve been taught by our societies, are we thinking for ourselves, by ourselves, at all? Or are we just acting out our programs?

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