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US Dollar backed by Bitcoin

I’m all in on Bitcoin but if your fiat is toast it’s not gonna buy much BTC. Bitcoin is the future of money, it doesn’t help with this weeks bread and beans. I’m anxious to see what a working transition from fiat will look like. If we minted a US Dollar backed by Bitcoin or… Read more »

Bitcoin Is Freedom

Hate The Globalist Slavers? read this … Why Bitcoin Will End The Worst Heist In History … and get an account at Swan. Use my link and we’ll both get $10 worth of Bitcoin >

principles before personalities

Almost every one of the people I’ve learned the most valuable things from were people that I did not agree with on other things. They were often people I wouldn’t want to spend any time around. Often people whose personalities irked me. Many decades ago I noticed and began to override my knee jerk reactions… Read more »

bitcoin if the internet shuts down

Like Bitcoin, the Internet was designed for maximum surviv­ability. It has no center. Any computer in the world running the Internet’s proto­cols, which are themselves open source software that can connect to any other computer doing the same thing is ‘on the Internet’. It may not have access to every other computer on the Internet,… Read more »