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ritual sacrifice

I looked for a luciferian/satanist/pedophile human sacrifice connection and couldn’t find one. The “elite” pedophile club, I think, is just a club. A group of like minded psychos. The pedophile phenomena in general, which is way more *common than I thought, is mostly generational. Handed down through the family psychology. The ritual sacrifice club is… Read more »

tao for 30 days

For the next 30 days, try not using the words, belief or believe, when talking, writing or thinking

A safe place for kids

I’ve been saying… “Set The Narrative”. That’s what the MSM is good at. Recently @realDonaldTrump set the narrative and it’s perfect. Nationalist vs Globalist. Perfect. Globalist: #OpenBorders #SanctuaryCities #AbolishICE & Disarm the people #Nationalist A safe place for kids