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Your guide to a you’er you

Many years back I decided to get rid of everything that had got stuck in my head over time and rewrite my code. I realized, from looking at all my thoughts, ideas about things, feelings about things, that little or none of it had anything to do with me. I realized that what I thought… Read more »

Hollywood’s puppets

As the hysteria over Donald Trump morphs into strange new shapes the strangest yet is white people hating white people. The puppet masters have managed to turn people, not only against each other but on themselves. If your goal is the destruction of the people, how handy is that? Daily or weekly a new mantra… Read more »

Global child trafficking networks shut down

The most concise and well compiled timeline of the Trump administrations action to shut down child, sex & human trafficking. Taking the world out of the hands of the old CIA run networks and nation building operations and giving it back to the people of countries around the world. A #QAnon thread about the Global… Read more »

Who Is Q?

Who? Or What? Who Cares? Truth Will Out