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The tone of death

It got so cold the clouds stopped moving and the moon froze in the sky The stream of light was fixed in place then I looked past my cold gray eyes and thought… so this is death After a time I moved into it

Response to Science is not a Belief

I doubt it’s possible to crack through a belief with reason unless the belief is causing some degree of suffering. This is why I’m convinced that somehow new information must be introduced. Problem is in a world of voluntary learning no one is forced to get all the available information prior to forming beliefs about… Read more »

Changing my mind

I can’t remember ever being persuaded by some argument, that caused me to change my mind about anything that I really believed to be true. Some people have started me thinking about something I believed to be true. I suppose at first I believed things by default, meaning I collected information without paying much, or… Read more »

Argument, belief and fact

It’s common for people to criticize the beliefs of others It’s common for people to ignore their own beliefs while criticizing belief In this arena we could say, “There are facts and there are beliefs” People that are interested in facts will find facts Believers will argue over them… Watch for the argument, we see… Read more »