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This world of people

I’m really hating this place right now… This world of people

When you can’t protect yourself

When I found out I could never really protect myself from the world of people it was a traumatic stunner… I’ve lived in a semi-frozen state ever since. Not that anyone would notice… I notice it because I have vague memories of life before the realization

The past of the past

I was looking at my young self the other day, visiting a memory of a situation in which my behavior, fueled by feeling which we’re saying is fueled by thought, and I was aware that an entire world of confusion came out of a desire to, I wouldn’t call it a need to be loved,… Read more »

The ten billion group

You really want to change the world? Tired of the same old ideas, the same things tried, year after year, watching the world get overrun? Ten billion people can do anything they want… think about it The ten billion group