Cereal Killers

If you’re not paying attention to food labels you may want to start. If you don’t understand GMO’s and what they mean for health, you’re not alone, and that’s part of the problem. No one knows all the long term effects of the GMO.

We can start with this list of breakfast cereals to avoid and build from there:

  • Kelloggs
  • General Mills
  • Quaker
  • Kashi
  • Barbaras

Is there GMO’s in all the cereal made by these companies? Don’t know, but If they’ve used GMO’s they’ll use GMO’s, so boycott them. Don’t give them money until they change. Which they will since all they care about is money.

These brands are supposed to be GM free:

  • Nature’s Path
  • Ruth’s Foods
  • Kaia Foods

Find out. It’s easy to get companies to do things our way. To stop using lab food in cereals for instance. It’s easy because we have what they want – Money. The hard part is getting people to learn about things and behave accordingly. We’re probably not the brightest lamp in the galaxy.

Understand engineered lab food with videos like Robyn O’Brien, Cleaning up the food industry and a slew of others.

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