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Nutrition And Feeling Better

The very first and most important step anyone can take towards changing the way they feel is to make sure they’re not nutritionally bankrupt. The first thing I would suggest to people is take half an hour and watch the video about Nutrition and Behavior with Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Paying attention to our nutritional levels can cause many of our worst symptoms to disappear. Relieving depression, anxiety, apathy, sadness and anger should all begin with our diet. Any attempt to deal with a health condition without addressing basic nutrition makes no sense. How would we know what health problems were caused by nutritional imbalance if we don’t understand essential for diet? There is no way for me to force anyone to pay attention to this. I can only suggest that we find out what to eat to stay healthy.

Most plants require only three nutrients to grow, namely nitrogen, phosphorus and water. In the presence of these nutrients, virtually all plants will grow into what appear to be healthy, nutritious adult specimens. However, if the minerals found in their natural habitat are not present, such plants and their relevant fruits and vegetables will be nutritionally “empty”.

There’s a lot of good studies and information available, we just have to find them.

If you want find out what amino acids are and how to get them go to health basics at

The Crazy Dance

You can always use my quick fix in case of emergency:

A method to quickly change the way you feel: In under a minute…

I walked by the television several years ago and there was a guy messing with a dog. The dog was a quiverer. The ones that always have their tail between their legs? I stopped and watched the man lifting the dogs tail up into a position associated with dog happiness. As he raised the tail the dogs head would also rise and his ears would come up. A total transformation in less than a second. I knew I had seen something of the utmost importance and I’ve never forgot those seconds of standing in front of the screen.

I have been looking for answers to the people problem for a long time and have developed a unified theory as to the cause of all troubles. I’d give you the theory in it’s entirety but at around 500 words my keyboard turns into a pumpkin. I am convinced that where social ills and addictive behaviors are concerned we’re barking up the wrong tree.

Science and society have failed to find any thing resembling a solution, to anything, and it’s time we stopped living in denial of this fact. Numbers don’t lie. You can use numbers to tell lies but that’s just a symptom of the same social malfunction. The proof is in the pudding as they say. We need another way to look at the human animal. Not a new way. We don’t have any new problems. When people do find answers to their troubles it usually takes a long time to work through it and get to the other side. Two miles into the woods, two miles out (at least).

We’re sitting, standing, lying down, walking… not feeling good…and we don’t like it. That’s when it’s time to use the crazy dance. I discovered the crazy dance as a result of sitting at the computer which doesn’t allow me to move enough. I would stand up and walk but it didn’t seem to help much. I would get these painful legs from sitting and found that if I stood up, stuck one leg out and just shook it as hard and fast as I could, the feeling in the leg would change. Replaced by something good. So I’d shake the other. I started to think it would be nice if I could just rattle my whole body like that and fling all the heavy energy out of it. So I tried it.

It kinda worked but I wasn’t getting the same results I got from the single leg thing. So I really let loose. Arms, legs…just going crazy. When I included my head in the dance that’s when things really shook loose and I named it the crazy dance. It has to be done with complete abandon. You can’t be cool and do the crazy dance. You have to go wild. Everything has to flop and rattle until you lose your balance and know your about to go down. If you go so bananas that your ears start flopping you’ve achieved expert crazy status.

I know you want to fly out of the chair right now and get to it so I’ll wait. You can also incorporate the happy dance in to your life and it’s a fine way to celebrate when you want to express gratitude for being you. If you look around, at life, you’ll find that the crazy dance is nothing new. I found it, I didn’t invent it. You see animals doing it. Kittens, foals, kids and calves all have a version of it. Children probably remember it.

Kids always been one of our societies wasted resources. Ask them. One benefit of the dance is it shows your brain that there are quick solutions to things. I don’t think we’re so far in the woods that we should be sad about it. I doubt there are any real woods to get in to. In truth we don’t have any woods out there, only forests of thought. We spend our lives in the pictures we make. We can always make different pictures.

Targeted Nutritional Therapy

From Genita Petralli

Nutritional biochemistry is a study of functional nutrition and how it can address the nutritional deficiencies of various diseases and conditions which ultimately heals the condition. Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT) leads in success rates as treatment for alcohol addiction. It is non-toxic and non-invasive and produces quality sobriety that conventional treatments do not produce…Follow the above link to read more.

Despite the clinical proof provided by Dr. Hoffer and Bill W.(co-found of AA) in the orthomolecular treatment of alcoholism using Niacin (B3) and of various vitamin therapies helping alcoholics remain sober and enjoy a sobriety not encumbered by many of the dry drunk symptoms of anxiety, depression, mental/physical fatigue, social anxieties etc… the physicians of AA without regard to this info, publicly discredited Bill and refused to acknowledge Dr. Hoffer’s findings.


This is something to read… I read it all, then forgot about it, but it’s been around a while and can’t hurt

Adapted from The Ayurvedic Year, by Christina Brown (Storey Books, 2002).

Ayurveda is a complete holistic medical system that has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, “ayus” means life, and “veda” means knowledge. Ayurveda is the science of living. As a complete system that treats each person as an individual, ayurveda is perfectly customized for you.

Ayurvedic healing teaches that there are three basic constitutional “types”: Earthy Kapha, fiery Pitta, and airy Vata. Once you know your type (we are blends of all types, but one usually stands out), you can learn to analyze your personality and body type, and find out which foods, exercises, lifestyles-even jobs-are most beneficial for you. Here is an illuminating quiz to help you find your Ayurvedic type.

Consider each statement, and assign the number that is most appropriate beside each one (0=never applies; 2=sometimes applies; 4=often applies).


My skin is dry. I can’t seem to moisturize enough.
I”m slim and can eat whatever I want without putting on weight.
My digestion feels irregular. Sometimes I’m ravenous; sometimes I have no appetite.
I learn new things easily, but my long-term memory isn’t great.
I am creative and enthusiastic.
I give out so much energy that sometimes I need to rest up to recover.
My energy levels fluctuate a lot.
I dislike the cold, be it in weather, food, or drinks.
My moods change easily.
Stress makes me feel fearful and insecure.


I am of medium build and have a well-balanced shape.
When I get indigestion, it tends to manifest as burning sensations.
I love iced drinks, ice cream and other cold foods.
I have a large appetite and digest food very quickly.
My mind is generally well-focused and alert.
People consider me passionate, confident, and courageous.
I don’t like heat much. It tires me, and I sweat easily.
I tend to be impatient, and sometimes anger easily.
I am determined, critical, and stubborn.
I’m rarely daunted by a challenge.


I have a solid build. As a baby, I was big boned.
My digestion is slow, and I feel heavy after eating.
I gain weight easily and am slow to lose it.
I am patient and even tempered.
I’m able to remain calm and unruffled under stress.
I feel I’m slower than others to grasp new concepts.
Once I really learn something, I never forget it.
Once I get going, I have loads of stamina, but I’m not a high-energy person.
I have a caring, compassionate nature. I don’t like humidity and dampness, but I’m fine in very hot or very cold conditions.

Now add up each of your three dosha sub-totals. Your highest score reveals your most active dosha.

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