Cognitive dissonance, biases and blindspots

Before I knew the words, bias or cognitive dissonance, people referred to this phenomena as “blind spots”. I really like that word better because everyone can easily grasp the meaning.

We have blind spots where those we’re deeply attached to are concerned. We have blind spots in other areas where we’re deeply invested. If we agree that our blind spots, our biases, dwell in our subconscious then we’d need to bring them to the conscious level to deal with them.

Since we can’t look at the subconscious directly we’d have to look for the tell tale signs. Would not one of these signs, signals, be disagreement?

If we asked the person where they learned what they believe about the soul they might not remember. But they picked it up from somebody somewhere. Like most people have picked up their beliefs: beliefs about mass and gravity, evolution or any of the political and social ideologies.

This is why I think it’s so useful for us to examine every single thing we believe. Still, how to expose our bias is of the utmost importance. My question is always “What’s the most effective way of doing this?”. First we could ask, “Where does our bias reside?”.

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