Collective Hate In A Democratic Collective

I read a silly news article about people hating “The Mosque!!”

The Mosque? We hate the Mosque? Who hates the Mosque?

Haters, can shape the world we live in, define conditions concerning health, education, taxes, property rights and everything else you can lay a pen to.  How do like it so far? Is everything working out where you live?

What baffles me is the ability for people to be steered into nuttiness by the steering committee. Why would anyone hate a Muslim? I think most religions are mutations and, at best, a waste of time. At worst they are destructive tools used by the forces of evil, (cue the scary music) power and control (Tyrants and their acolytes). But I don’t hate the followers of any religion.

I might not like some Muslims, Christians, Jews and so on, but hate a Synagogue? Why? It doesn’t make sense. No matter what I think about religion I know religions don’t create kooks. They may encourage delusion and superstition. They may lead millions of people down the path of fantasy. But is that cause to hate them? Is there a church in the same neighborhood where this Mosque frothing is taking place? What about Jim Jones? What about the Crusades and witch hunts? Where the righteous indignation?

I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in a play book at the offices of the steering committee.

If people want something to hate I’ve got something worthy of their passions and energies. Hate the steering committee…Hate the Puppet Masters.

There are all kinds of people, with their own ideas and interests influencing your situation. Some are working in your best interests, some are self serving, some are down right scary weird. The only thing we can do is find out who they are, what they’re doing and why. Then make decisions accordingly.

I could probably do a little generalizing and say there is no current government agency working on behalf of the individual. I doubt there are any bureaucracies that can even think in terms of “Individuals”.

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