Communication By Definition

When people talk about things, agreeing on something or arguing about something, are they ever talking about the same things? If two people are in agreement that “psychological attentiveness” is good for them, are they taking about the same thing?

A community of 20 people can come up with a word to use to mean something for the sake of conversation… but the population grows. The group meets other groups and the population grows. Some meet, then lose touch, move to the other side of the Earth and meet others… the population grows, disperses… enter entropy – things natural tendency toward decay or choas

Much of the confusion in any situation is simply a confusion about what’s being discussed in the first place… I personally had many conversations like this… some we were not in agreement until we found out we actually were but our words, terms, definitions were in the way… other times the opposite – everything was fine till we discovered we were talking about, agreeing on, two separate things

What do we mean when we say Belief? Is “I believe the Sun will rise tomorrow,” the same as, “I believe the Son of God will come again… “? Same word… Same meaning?

Much of the confusion over things is just the confusion, a lack of agreement and understanding, concerning definition… Wouldn’t a reasonable beginning to any conversation would be to  come to some understanding and agreement on the words, and the meaning of the words, we were going to use?

Most of my wanting to understand things about life and people is not esoteric… Most of the questions I ask concern definition – these questions are often misinterpreted. When I ask, “What do you mean by Mind?”, it’s not that I’m confused about Mind, or looking for help understanding My Mind, I just want to know what’s being discussed – exactly.

Without this First understanding in definitions how much understanding can come from discussion? A lot of times I find myself involved in discussions I haven’t even got to yet… If I say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, people will often respond as if the simple kid just showed up. They’ll say, “Oh, we were discussing the higher purpose of mankind… “. I’m thinking, “Okay, lets start with what you mean by higher..”. Most of my blossoming relationships end there

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