Congress Is A Threat To National Security "And" Unnecessary

One of the main reasons, and possibly the only reason, “Things are bad all over”, is that people can’t really imagine anything different. How many reading this can easily accept the possibility of life without a gov. run monetary system, life without congress, life without pain, life without crime, life without war, life without borders, laws or limits?

When enough people can imagine these things and start to use their imagination to picture these things we will have these things – not before. How many understand the notion of “trickle down”? I say notion because that’s all it is. It’s not a theory. A theory has to pass certain tests to move out of the hypothesis stage. A hypothesis is just an idea, a notion. The fact is there is no trickle down societal anything.

Although we’ve been bombarded with the idea that everything is created up there and there is little we down here can do – it’s far from the truth. Everything is made possible down here. Or out here, or whatever you need to do to see it. The only effect “The top” has is to propose. That’s all. The one proposes and the millions accept, or reject.

Now, here’s a very crucial notion that we millions have accepted: If we want to change things we can do this by voting. This is a fantasy – most people live in this belief. The fact is, your vote can change nothing as long as there is nothing of consequence to vote for. When was the last time you voted on a law, or a bill, or a rule or regulation?

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