Congress Is A Threat To National Security "And" Unnecessary

One of the main reasons, and possibly the only reason, “Things are bad all over”, is that people can’t really imagine anything different. How many reading this can easily accept the possibility of life without a monetary system, life without congress, life without pain, life without crime, life without war, life without borders, laws or limits?

When enough people can imagine these things and start to use their imagination to picture these things we will have these things – not before. How many understand the notion of “trickle down”? I say notion because that’s all it is. It’s not a theory. A theory has to pass certain tests to move out of the hypothesis stage. A hypothesis is just an idea, a notion. The fact is there is no trickle down societal anything.

Although we’ve been bombarded with the idea that everything is created up there and there is little we down here can do – it’s far from the truth. Everything is made possible down here. Or out here, or whatever you need to do to see it. The only effect “The top” has is to propose. That’s all. The one proposes and the millions accept, or reject.

Now, here’s a very crucial notion that we millions have accepted: If we want to change things we can do this by voting. This is a fantasy – most people live in this belief. The fact is, your vote can change nothing as long as there is nothing of consequence to vote for. When was the last time you voted on a law, or a bill, or a rule or regulation?

Here is an excerpt from Mike Adams article at Natural News,

While I recognize there are a few exceptions to my negative characterization of members of Congress — Dr. Ron Paul comes to mind — I think most NaturalNews readers will agree that Congress, when in session, is a threat to our freedoms and our pocketbooks.

The logical thing to do would be to disband Congress. That it even exists at all is a throwback to a pre-telegraph world where long-distance communications were impossible, so people actually sent someone to Washington to represent their interests. These “representatives” then joined together in the “House of Representatives” and later become known as Congressmen (and women).

But today, with instant online communications, the People don’t really need anyone to represent them in Washington anymore. Voters could simply vote directly on proposed legislation, without the House and Senate getting in the way. That’s called a “Direct Democracy,” and it would eliminate Congress entirely, reverting the power to pass legislation back to the People.

A Direct Democracy would seem more fitting for our modern world than our current outmoded “horse-and-buggy” system of representation. Besides, it’s fairly obvious that our “representatives” in Washington don’t represent our interests anyway. Instead, they represent the special interests of the corporations that keep them in power. So the very body that was supposed to represent the People has sold them out and become a tool of the corporations that are poisoning and exploiting the People for profit. (Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Agriculture, etc.)

Interestingly, Congress believes that the American people are just too stupid to understand and vote on their own legislation. And to prove just how much smarter they are, members of Congress created a 1,900-page health care reform bill that none of them read, even as the Speaker of the House announced that they should pass the bill first so they could all find out what was in it.

Personally, I believe the People could do a better job of voting on legislation than members of Congress. For one thing, the People can’t be bought out by corporate interests because there are simply too many people to buy off.

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