Cooperating In The Destruction Of Mankind

Here is something to think about when looking at the global domination issue. For every one person who is part of planning and implementation there are a million cooperating with them.

Cooperation – This one word holds the key to the survival of the human race. I see a lot of anger in the activist community. People want to fight against the forces of tyranny.  Set aside the mistakes people make as to who the tyrants are – fighting is a form of cooperation.

One factor in this is in the agreement we make when we fight. Power say’s I’m powerful and important. Getting mad and fighting power says – Yes, you are. The first step in neutering power is to find ways of making the right statements. The right statement is – you are not important and have no power over me. In the end, all power is granted, given, not taken.

Psychotics will always attempt to take positions of power by seizing control. No one can stop these attempts. But attempting to take control is not taking control or having control. Power always uses force to stay in control. If a person, or group of people, were to ‘Outpower Power’ they’d need a stronger force. If power has an army then a superior armed force would be needed to defeat that power. People – Don’t have armies – At least none that I’m aware of.

What usually happens with any foreign or domestic coup is people decide to cooperate when faced with choices like die, go to prison, or cooperate. This is understandable. This happens everyday in every country on earth – that I know of. We are constantly faced with the decision to break the law of the tyrant – or cooperate.

Is there a way to Not Cooperate without paying such a serious price as imprisonment or death? I welcome any ideas along these lines. I’m only going to mention one. One means of not cooperating is staying out of legal contracts. Never sign a contract with power. Never sign a marriage contract (you don’t need one to get married). Don’t buy anything on credit. Never sign an agreement to pay with power.

The reason to stay out of all contracts is very simple. As soon as you sign a contract with power you relinquish your rights and freedoms – at least according to the laws written by power. Most people think that they must sign a contract if they want to own things. Quite the opposite is true, you can never own anything you sign a contract for. No house, no car, no property….In the case of the marriage contract people actually relinquish control over their lives and their children lives. Why do you suppose there is the possibility that a government might force a parent to vaccinate their child?

Even corresponding with power is giving your power away. Asking congress for anything is giving up personal power. People should never ask governments for anything. People should dictate governments and replace them when they want to act on their own – anything else is an invitation to tyranny.

So, if you don’t have an army you only have one choice in the Freedom Game – Stop granting power to people – stop cooperating with them. Lets think about this again – For every one person who is part of planning and implementation there are a million cooperating with them. We might ask ourselves this question, “What’s The Difference Between A Slave And A Subject?”

Lets find ways to not cooperate.

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