Countless forms of mental opium

If one fully understands that the whole “spiritual urge” can only spring out from a confused mind and therefore confusion it remains..
and that a non-confused mind cares no more about all spiritual searches..
(understanding it not merely through an intellectual manner, or philosophically, or empirically, or speculatively; but rather radically, wholly)..
then perhaps such individual becomes able to stand alone without any sort of hallucination or shilly-shally glittered vision whatsoever…
observing in full what the very nature of psychological confusion is all about..
and completely dismantling the everlasting procrastination typical & inherent in the big bubble of “spiritual necessities”..

Then maybe a psychologically healthy, clear & intelligent investigation in the very machinery of our own millenary and personal human mental confusion comes into being among healthy minds.. and individually.. with no longer millenary and individual countless forms of mental opium..

Such comprehension is not, after all, that difficult to bring into being..

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