Cows eat grass birds eat bugs

Want to live a long time and not suffer from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, alzhiemers, cancers and so on? Eat natural whole foods…

If you want to eat a cow, a chicken or a pig… remember: cows eat grass, birds eat bugs…

People and doctors are telling people not to eat foods that people have eaten, and been fine with, for many centuries… Maybe you’ve heard them say that milk isn’t good for you. The real problem isn’t milk, the real problem is feeding cows grain, giving them anti-biotics and processing the milk until it isn’t milk.

Same thing with eggs… People have always eaten free range chickens, and other birds, and the eggs they lay. Chickens that live in cages and get processed feeds aren’t really chickens when it comes to foods… they’re processed chickens

It’s not the food, it’s the processing of food… processed food isn’t really food at all… it’s a food product and I wouldn’t eat it. What’s in your kitchen?

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