Created ideals and the modern dementia

What is silly the most is that anthropologically we have been always violent, whether psychologically or physically, and out of this fact we have extrapolated and created ideals about “how to not be violent”, whether it be christianity, goodness, morals, values, regulations and up to the modern dementias such as the “shadow work”, the “think positive”, the “higher self”, the “illumination” and all spiritual destinations whatever they are.. which is still a violent condition, separative, idiotic.. just like history suggests..

We like to talk about respect without understanding or even by deliberately refusing to understand what the problem that shaped the need to talk about respect actually is..

There was and there is the actual, which remains not investigated radically.. and there is the abstraction of the fact, the “what should we do”, the “how can we go on”, the “how I would like things to be” and all the rest of that engagement.. which is not the fact..

This is what we have done: we worship the abstractions we ourselves have made up outside of the actual.. but the actual has never been investigated, neither the willingness to actually put total intelligence in its dissection never arose..

This is what we have done..
and what in which we persevere..

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