Creating A Killer Society

Not that I watch much TV, just some sports, but I can’t help but see advertisements when I walk by and I hear and see parts of the shows that others watch.

Here’s what I see: A non stop campaign to turn people against each other and subsequently create a police state of volunteers much in the same way as Nazi Germany.  Where do you think all these cops that shoot, choke and taser people are coming from?  We’re making them.  The sad truth about human beings is they can be shaped into any kind of abstract personality type one wants.

So how do we shape this people to do the evil they do?  We show them videos.  We sell them death and destruction by creating imaginary enemies. Basically creating our own “Army of God”, replacing God with the State. One thing we can do to speed this transition along is export other jobs so that there is less available to people.

This, shrinking the job market, has been accomplished with bills like NAFTA . (find David Rothkopf interview ) Consider the life that faces kids today. Faced with the realities of a highly competitive job market where only a very few will find any sort of real financial gain, and an opportunity to get a gun and a badge, or a uniform, and instantly lord over all who don’t – what are a lot of kids going to choose? It’s an extension of the video game into real life.

The billions of dollars spent on advertising the military, reshaping the police into the “I’m a petty, smart ass, immature, hater with power” force. Creating fear with false flag operations has given us a generation of semi-crazies willing to take up arms just for something to do.

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