Crime Of The Century: The Stupidity Index

Sad we must say that the crime of the 21st century is a crime founded on stupid. What separates human beings from the rest of the animals is our ability to imagine a future.

Most animals go about insuring their future through some instinctual means. They don’t put a lot of thought into it. This works real good. We, the thinkers, are the ones who endanger the other animals, and ourselves.

To think it could be possible to actually not survive because of our thinking. If thinking is what separates us from the other animals, and that’s what’s getting us in trouble, maybe it’s time to stop thinking.

The first thing I see this morning is this headline:

“Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time” Danny Schechter Takes on Wall St.

…in New Film We speak with investigative journalist, filmmaker, and author Danny Schechter, ‘the News Dissector.’ His latest film features interviews with industry insiders to reveal how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity

My response was, as usual, boy we’re stupid. We’re so stupid we need a million laws, rules and regulations so that we can…..what? Be okay? Control ourselves? Are we really so stupid we need to be monitored and controlled?

Or, it’s a system of control in which case we’re to stupid, or lazy, or selfish, or to scared to do anything about.

Every day, day in and day out, people sit in congress, before congress, on supreme court benches, on TV – and say ridiculous, stupid things. They count on us being to stupid to see how stupid it is. Maybe they count on us being lazy and selfish – or scared.

Either way, all the stupid things we have to live with is the result of thinking. Is there a better way? A better system? I believe there is. I’m working at using that system. You can use it too.

Stop thinking – it’s not helping.

So what is “The Crime of the 21st Century”?

That crime is Self Destruction. Take a minute to look at a corporation, all of them, governments included. We have to include governments because they operate like corporations where profit for the share holder is the guiding principle.

So we have the corporation and the corporation grew out of, and at the behest of, consumerism. The corporation is constantly working to increase the corporation by decreasing the public – the consumer. The corporate world is waging a war of laws and regulations… destroying the public’s ability to be free.

Being free is the condition necessary for invention and creativity. There is no slave consumer society.

What happens to the corporation when there is no consumer? What happens to the “Conquerors” when there is no one left to conquer? Nothing of what the politically powerful thinks up stretches very far into the future. It doesn’t extend past plunder. It doesn’t see past “I want”.

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